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Asphalt roofs are very common in our country, as asphalt is one of the best materials for roofs, so when you first acquire it, it looks very elegant and aesthetically pleasing, but unfortunately nothing lasts forever, and most of the time asphalt roofs get dirty and lose their elegance, but you don’t need to worry, as at www.gappainting we have one of the most effective cleaning service for asphalt roof cleaning and your roof will be as clean as when new. 

How our asphalt roof cleaning service works

The process of asphalt roof cleaning is not difficult, it does not take much time, and here we are going to explain briefly how it works.

  • Firstly, our team goes to the house, asks the customer about the problem and seeks to understand the customer needs.
  • Once the problem is located, the team climbs on the roof to check it.
  • After climbing on the roof, the team removes all obstacles that may cause trouble while working.
  • Then our team will start to clean all the black spots that are often caused by algae. This process is done using some chemical sprays on the roof that clean the place and prevent the formation of new algae.
  • Constant brushing is done until all the black spots disappear and everything is once again shiny.
  • Once brushing is completed, the next step is to use some water to get rid of the chemicals so that nothing chemical remains after cleaning.
  • After the chemicals are cleaned and the water has dried, your roof will be as bright and shiny as when new. 

As you can see the asphalt roof cleaning service is very fast and effective, in addition to having a very reliable team that will treat your roof in the most proper way.

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