From the dust, moisture and dirt that we carry on shoes to the liquid spills and pet hair, all these things are elements, that permanently undermine our efforts to keep our house clean and perfect.

Cleaning a residence is an exhausting, but necessary task to avoid allergies, illnesses, and annoyances that dirtiness cause to the family and especially to children and elderly people due their susceptibility to viruses and bacteria.

To avoid such an exhausting and systematic work, and to use your time more effectively in other things that demand your attention, the best thing to do is hiring a company that specializes in cleaning houses and at GAP Painting & Home Services, LLC we have the solution you’re looking for.

We have qualified staff and specialized teams to provide you the best cleaning service for windows, rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, baseboards, courtyards and all the other components of your residence.

Our staff is trained to find the slightest trace of dirt wherever it hides and we will gladly take care of cleaning your home according to your weekly, monthly or occasional needs.

At GAP Painting & Home Services LLC, we are licensed by the State of CT as a Home Improvement Contractor and with the trajectory and vocation of Gerardo Agüero who has many years of experience in home improvement industry we guarantee a job done like no other.

Contact us and ask for a free quote to clean your house.

7 September, 2017
House Cleaning

House cleaning

From the dust, moisture and dirt that we carry on shoes to the liquid spills and pet hair, all these things are elements, that permanently undermine our efforts to keep […]
7 September, 2017
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