Exterior full sanding in Stamford, CT and Greenwich, CT


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Exterior full sanding in Stamford, CT and Greenwich, CT

The exterior painting of a building, business or residential, demands a series of provisions, such as the adequacy of walls, frames and moldings, in order to make the material adhere and get a perfect finish.

It requires preparation and planning: using the appropriate paint, protecting the areas that should not be reached by the product being used, removing fatty residues that can affect the adhesion and – very importantly – sanding the surface sectors that need it.

Sanding is of particular importance in any painting work, to soften the imperfections derived from the deterioration of walls, frames and moldings, caused by sun, moisture and impurities.

We Repair or replace all damage and eliminate roughness to ensure a flawless finish when the paint is dry. At GAP Painting & Home Services, LLC, we are specialists in the home improvement industry. We make sure to have met all the surface preparation requirements before putting the paint on.

We are backed by extensive experience in

  • Complete exterior sanding in Stamford, CT

  • Complete exterior sanding in Greenwich, CT

Our company is established in Fairfield County, CT and we have extensive experience in home improvement services.

We offer painting services and complete restoration, to the exterior and interior of a building; we maintain cedar roofs; we clean canoes and maintain them; sand surfaces, partial or total, to eliminate fungi and give them a protective treatment.

Among other services, we also replace walls, paint, refurbish kitchen cabinets and do carpentry work, indoors and outdoors.

The testimonies of our clients attest to the quality of our work.

We do a complete exterior sanding job – and any other home improvement service – in Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan, Wilton and Westport, and in any area of Fairfield County, CT.

Call +1 203-918-9860, e-mail info@gappainting.co or contact us through our website. We’re at your service!