Interior painting: Home renovations that bring more durability

restoration of Old and Historic houses
Interior restoration of Old and Historic houses
7 February, 2018
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Kitchen cabinets restoration: A new kitchen look
30 April, 2018
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Interior painting: Home renovations that bring more durability

Although interior spaces can be restyled at any time of the year. In places where the four weather seasons are clearly distinguished, there are many more reasons to make inside improvements during the cold winter months since it is not advisable to work on the outside of houses or buildings when the winter comes.

Hence the importance of taking advantage of the cold season to undertake these interior renovation projects that, in addition to guaranteeing an ideal durability and quality, contribute to a higher return on investment (in case the property is going to be sold) and an improvement in the quality of life of the users.

Profitable renovations

Renovations in very personalized spaces add value, but there are also top-notch renovations that involve an important transformation of the entire environment.

As regards of the kitchen, it is important to do a complete maintenance work in there and if necessary, the cabinets and finishes must be renovated. To have an idea of ​​its importance, specialized studies reveal that a minor remodeling of the kitchen implies an 80 percent return on the investment.

The bathroom is another shared space that could require major changes, including replacing or improving the toilet and the lighting, all of that without neglecting the importance of including an additional bathroom if the residence has three or more bedrooms and just one single shower.

The basement -which often becomes a dark deposit of furniture, toys, appliances and other objects that are no longer being used- can also become a useful and pleasant space, if it is converted into a livable space.

A fresh coat of paint is a determining factor in a renovation project.  It changes or refreshes the applied color, delivers a special touch to any place according to the paint texture and the intensity of its brightness, and contributes to light up any space of the residence that is being renovated.

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