Professional Interior Painters, CT

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Kitchen cabinets restoration: A new kitchen look
30 April, 2018
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Professional Interior Painters, CT

Professional Interior Painters

Painting the interior of a building is a rewarding task and it can be something easy to do if you have enough time, knowledge about the products that will be used, a clear concept of decoration, you’ll be using skill to avoid mistakes and patience to correct them.

In addition, a properly done paint job demands the use of adequate equipment, such as ladders, paint trays, rags, rollers, brushes, sprays, masks, suitable clothes, solvents and other materials.

Painting the interior of a building is an important task and the best thing to do is to leave this task to paint professionals.

A team of specialists in interior painting

At Gap Painting & Home Services LLC, we provide professional interior painting services to make your business or residential building look welcoming and improve the well-being of users for a long time.

We perform impeccable painting jobs and provide adequate advisory services to our clients regarding the paint quality based on the decoration project.

Our knowledge and extensive experience in the market, allow us to follow certain procedures and strategies to achieve better and more durable results:

  • The correct paint: We recommend the best quality paint according to its components and colors to achieve the best possible result. It is important to apply the correct paint according to the surface.
  • Quality tools: We make sure that the brushes, rollers and other tools that we use are the best on the market since they cover the surface better, they deliver better finishes and avoid spills.
  • Clean walls: We clean the surfaces before painting so it sticks better to the walls.
  • We clear the area: We move the furniture or protect it and remove the covers of electrical outlets and door handles to protect them from the paint, plus, we fill and sand the gaps to achieve a better finish.


We have an operating certificate and our work is supported by the experience of Gerardo Ag├╝ero. We provide our services in Westport, Wilton, New Canaan, Norwalk, Greenwich, and Stamford in Fairfield County, CT.

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