Interior restoration of Old and Historic houses

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5 February, 2018
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26 April, 2018
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Interior restoration of Old and Historic houses

restoration of Old and Historic houses

The restoration of an old or historic house is one of the most rewarding tasks that can be done by a company dedicated to a home improvement services because it means returning the enchantment, history, charisma and warmth of a home.

The requirement of restoration will depend on the degree of deterioration that the property may have and the quality of work required by the interested party, but any effort and investment will be well justified, returning the original character and the details thought by its builders.

In general, it will be necessary to consider if restoration work includes repairing or replacing walls and ceilings, upholstering and painting furniture, washing walls and floors, removing stains from paints and other liquids, repairing stairs and handrails, etc. It is a task that may seem arduous and meticulous but, as the days go by, you can really see the transformation of the house and furniture to its original beauty.

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It is also a task that should be entrusted exclusively to recognized experts, with knowledge and skill, so that the house recovers its original characteristics with a quality that guarantees a long extension of its useful life.

At Gap Painting & Home Services LLC we have the best disposition to offer you the service of a restoration to old and historic houses, in the state of Connecticut. We have extensive experience in painting and home services.

We work with excellence and quality standards demanded by the American market, in work of:

  • Painting for exteriors and interiors
  • Building maintenance
  • Carpentry and joinery
  • Sealing roofs
  • Pressure wash
  • Interior decoration
  • Disposal of debris

In the field of painting, maintenance, and remodeling, we improve everything, with honesty and precision. Our team has the ability to move to the place in the state of Connecticut where you require our services.

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