Kitchen cabinets restoration: A new kitchen look

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26 April, 2018
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5 June, 2018
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Kitchen cabinets restoration: A new kitchen look

Kitchen cabinets

It is difficult to imagine someone working in the kitchen while the guests wait in the living room or the dining room for the breakfast or lunch to be served.

The kitchen is where food is prepared but it’s also a cozy intimate space where you can talk without any pressure or major distractors. It’s a place to live and enjoy the most memorable encounters and therefore is a place that has to look attractive, familiar and impeccable.

But, due to the intensity and the nature of the work that the kitchen is subjected to, it’s susceptible to wear and tear, dirty cabinets and counters can be a place where insects or rodents can take advantage of these environment, being something unhealthy and awful to see.

Kitchen remodeling

Hence the need to restore and renovate the kitchen furniture, especially the cabinets since, after all, it’s where utensils and food products are stored.

At GAP Painting & Home Services we provide services such as painting and complete restoration, replacement/renovation of plasterboard, plaster ceilings, removal of wallpaper and restoration/replacement of cabinets and many more.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to develop rigorous procedures in order to deliver quality services aimed to fulfill the needs of our customers. First, we verify the conditions of the cabinets to define -along with the client- the terms of the restoration.

If the cabinet is in a very bad condition, we’ll simply replace it. But if the cabinets can be repaired, we take care that the doors and drawers work perfectly and we’ll eliminate stains and paint them if necessary.

We provide high quality services and our work is guaranteed. GAP Painting & Home Services is a company led by Gerardo Agüero, and formed by a team of carefully selected experts. We have extensive experience in painting and the rejuvenation of residences and commercial buildings.

We provide our services in cities such as Norwalk, Stamford, Greenwich, Westport, Wilton or New Canaan. Plus, we’re able to go anywhere in the State of Connecticut where you require our services.

We will be pleased to assist you!