Interior painting services for Victorian house, CT

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1 February, 2018
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Interior painting services for Victorian house, CT

painting services for Victorian house

A Victorian house is always associated with a concept of beautiful building, striking and elegantly decorated, which moves to preserve the original features. Influenced by the English architecture of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, being meaning those features need to be taken care of.

About the appearance of the building, many have maintained the tradition of using paints of dark tones, such as browns, greens, reds, and blues, both indoors and outdoors. In Victorian times, the colors of the house were inspired by nature.

But the most recent tastes are inclined to use pastel and lighter colors, such as beige and soft metallic tones, to give them a more classic tone and give a sense of freshness, clarity, and spaciousness.

In one way or another, the Victorian style is a challenge for the architect to arrange and the painter to print a set of colors that highlight the various details and wonderful design characteristic of a Victorian house. What matters is to follow the tradition of using at least three colors for interiors, which combine with curtains, ornaments, cushions, furniture, and other elements that correspond to the distinction and remarkable beauty of a Victorian house.

At Gap Painting & Home Services LLC we offer painting services for interiors and exteriors, including advice and assistance with your home decoration projects. We are backed by 15 years of experience and quality in the painting of residences and commercial and institutional buildings.

We offer you our advice

Part of our work includes the best advice about the colors and quality of the products required to paint a Victorian house or to renovate structures of high architectural and historical value. We present you with an estimate of the cost of the work to be done, we annually inspect the job done, and we guarantee the results for five years.

Gap Painting & Home Services LLC is a company led by Gerardo Aguero, integrated by a team of carefully selected experts, and we have extensive experience in the field of painting and renovation of residences and commercial buildings.

We invite you to contact us by phone (203) 918-9860, email or the form on our website. We will be happy to help you!