Interior painting contractors: what to ask before starting

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Painting services in Wilton, CT
16 November, 2017
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5 February, 2018
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Interior painting contractors: what to ask before starting

Interior painting contractors

Interior painting is an investment that lasts for years. The particular characteristics of a house, business or institutional building can be upgraded with smart interior painting decisions.

Some people are enthusiastic about the idea that they can do the work of painting, for the pleasant sensation of rejuvenating a building and, at the same time, saving the money that contractor charges for the painting work.

But, although it seems simple and pleasant, painting is a task that demands knowledge and skills that are only acquired through experience. Painting the kitchen, the living room, and  rooms are not as easy and fast as you may have thought.

After all, painting is a very laborious activity that can exceed most people’s skills and knowledge in house improvement; Products can become “rebellious”; the cuts are not so precise; the brush drips and even the color we chose after so much calculation and analysis, might not be what we expected.

“If we had turned to an interior painting contractor, the house would already be painted!”

But hiring a painting company should also be carefully analyzed, to ensure that the painting work is going to be serious, fine, durable, and guaranteed. Hence the need to answer some questions, to make sure a deal is being made with professionals:

Is it a reliable company?

Ask for references; ask for recommendations. Read the comments expressed by previous clients on the company’s website. Check that the company has fulfilled the contract and check the results obtained in businesses and residences to which you can have access.

Is it a well-known company?

The suppliers of products, materials, and painting equipment are a good reference. They will be happy to provide recommendations if the contractor is among its known clients.

Is the company licensed?

The license proves the responsibility of the company before the state or county where it works and a guarantee that protects the client in case of non-compliance.

Is the company insured?

The insurance must be one of the most important questions that a client needs to ask a contractor before it gets hired for a contract. It proctect the client’s  property in case of any kind of damage as well as the personal that works with the contractor in case of an accident in the premises.

Is it an experienced company?

The skill is obtained with knowledge and experience.

What is the cost estimate?

When requesting prices, request extensive information about the results that are going to be obtained: quality of the products, conditions of the workers, details of the work that will be carried out. Do not go for bargain.

Do they offer you guarantee?

The correct application of the paint, the quality of the materials and, in general, the fulfillment of the contract, must be backed by a guarantee. What the contractor guarantees and for how long are questions that the painting company must respond that offers its services.

As proof and guarantee of the quality of our services, in GAP Painting & Home Services. We provide a free annual review, in each of our projects, during the five years after delivery.

We are synonymous with guarantee. We have extensive experience and a team of experts trained to perform the work to your satisfaction.

In addition to painting services and restoration of interior painting, we offer our services for improvements to the interior of the home: We replace sheetrock walls and ceilings, remove wallpaper, restore painting of walls and stained cabinets, etc.

We can offer our services to southwestern Connecticut area:  Norwalk, Darien, Stamford, Greenwich, Westport, Wilton, Weston, New Canaan, etc. but with the ability to move to the place where you require your services.

Contact us; we will be there to help you.