Rotten Corners Repair

Rotten Corners Repair

4 April, 2014
Exterior Paint Services

Exterior Paint Services

4 June, 2014
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Peeling Paint

If there is one thing that can ruin the look of a room, it’s peeling paint. Peeling paint is something that should be dealt with as soon as you notice it, but more importantly you also need to deal with the cause of the peel itself. This could be anything from;

  • Primer was applied onto wet paint
  • Finishing coat before the primer has dried
  • Fungal infections in the home
  • Anything else you can possibly think of!

Therefore, hunting down the solution and making your life that little bit easier is very important. However, water tends to play the biggest part in this type of job as water is the Kyptonite of paint. If a surface is even slightly damp, it won’t be able to cope and the paint will start to swell or split.

However, a little time and assessment can save you from this incredibly difficult yet annoying job. At GAP Painting & Home Services LLC, we are a reliable and professional firm who deal with anything from damaged paint jobs to entire refurbishments of a room. If you are looking for an easy to manage solution to your paint peeling, then look no further.

We have 15 years of experience in the game and can give you the help and assistance that you need to get your room looking full and vibrant again – take away the damage left behind by peeling paint and let us deal with the rest of it for you.

So contact us today for a full consultation on the best way that we can help you.

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