Exterior full paint restoration in New Canaan and Norwalk

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22 March, 2017
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Exterior full paint restoration in New Canaan and Norwalk

Exposure to the sun, moisture and debris moving through the air are elements that progressively affect exterior walls, depreciate the value of a building and consequently hamper the activities within it.

Appraisals are useful for corporate buildings whose appearance may raise questions regarding the business success of their owners or tenants. They also beneficial for residential buildings, considering the effect on the welfare of their inhabitants.

One might think of giving the exterior walls a hand of paint and be done with it; but a job done quickly can generate greater annoyances and expenses in the short or medium term. If you want to give life back to the building and increase its value, we can supply you with a complete exterior painting restoration.

To achieve a work of excellence, you need to, for example:

  • Detect any cracks that may have formed and repair them. Cracks are not only inimical to a perfect finish; they can also lead to deterioration of greater consequences.
  • Identify chips, holes and small bumps on the walls, if any, to fill them, before applying the new coat of paint.
  • Repair any areas harmed by humidity.

And now, the paint. The restoration and protection of the exteriors of a building demands knowledge, experience, and materials that optimize the investment, taking into account the cost of the investment and the useful life of the work done.

At our company, GAP Painting & Home Services, LLC, we have, among our specialties, the restoration of complete exterior painting. We offer our services in New Canaan and Norwalk, in addition to other regions.

We are a company with extensive experience, we seek the satisfaction of our clients, and we responsibly select the materials that we use, so they are of the best quality.

We provide full exterior painting restoration service; but we also maintain cedar roofs, clean and maintain canoes, and sand and protect areas affected by fungi.

We also offer our home improvement services: We replace walls and ceilings, remove wallpaper, and restore wall paint and kitchen cabinets, among others.

We offer complete exterior painting restoration service in New Canaan and Norwalk, Wilton, Westport, Greenwich and Stamford, in Fairfield County, CT.

Contact us at 203-918-9860, our email info@gappainting.com or through our website. It will be a pleasure to serve you!