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Exterior full paint restoration in New Canaan and Norwalk

24 March, 2017
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Home maintenance companies in Stamford, CT

12 September, 2017
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Luxury paint contractors in New Canaan, CT

Regardless of the design, the careful construction process, and the investment that has been made in your property, the end finishes are decisive in the valuation of a residential or business building.

But the essence of the building will be defined by its painting, the colors, and the product components, as well as the quality of the paint work done by the painters.

A luxury paint contractor knows every detail of the process, it will recommend experienced painters with proven skills only and will make sure that a long series of conditions are fulfilled, some of those conditions are:

  • The right paint: The quality, the components, the luminosity and the types of paint that are going to be used are as important as deciding which colors are appropriate for the characteristics of the building to be painted.
  • Cleaning the surfaces: The paint will stick better if the walls, ceilings and other components of the building are clean. Filling, sanding and cleaning the surfaces before painting them provides better results.
  • Tools: Top notch paint guns, compressors, rollers and brushes must be used if you want to get an even paint coverage and thus achieve a better final result.
  • Extreme care: Moving and protecting furniture, appliances and decorations is not enough; An extreme care is also necessary to not to paint the door handles and doors and windows locks, as well as the electrical and telephone connections.

These and other conditions are aspects that can be found on experienced painters and at GAP Painting & Home Services LLC we offer a service of luxury paint contractors in New Canaan, CT. We specialize in construction and maintenance for your home, office or business building.

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Our company, which is established in Fairfield County, CT, has the guarantee and backing of Gerardo Agüero, its owner and founder, who has extensive experience in home improvement services.

We provide or luxury paint work service in Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan, Wilton and Westport, and in any area of ​​Fairfield County, CT. The testimonies of our clients attest to the quality of our work.

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