Home maintenance companies in Stamford, CT

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7 September, 2017
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Junk Removal companies in Norwalk, CT
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Home maintenance companies in Stamford, CT

Home maintenance companies in Stamford

No matter how much you want to avoid it, your house will always be subject to minor damages that require regular maintenance work for it to continue to provide you comfort and safety.

Generally, they are small damages such as a door malfunctions, a tile that has been detached in the bathroom, an outlet that does not work, a small drain in a pipe, a cracked wall, a gutter obstructed by the leaves, etc. They are small things, but together can become a severe headache for the occupants of the property.

Home repairing and maintenance

Fixing those damages should be entrusted to experts who restore the functioning of the building, components damaged by use, this way we will be avoiding major problems.

One might think, for example, of doing some improvements to the attic to use it as a storage area or a room where to isolate yourself from noise and to rest, to meditate, to read, to listen music, or to paint; You could think on installing shelves to store many things piled up in the garage, build a terrace to be outdoors and enjoy… So many things!

A home not only needs maintenance because of the deterioration but also because of remodeling and at GAP Painting & Home Services LLC we have the solution for all the repairs and improvements that your home requires, big or small.

We provide repair services of exterior and interior carpentry, painting and complete restoration, maintenance of roofs, gutter cleaning and maintenance; We also sand surfaces both partially or totally, to eliminate fungi and give the surfaces a protective treatment. We also restore stained cabinets and do some plumbing and carpentry work both indoors and outdoors.

As home maintenance company in Stamford, CT, we will be happy to make a comprehensive inspection of your home and give you a free estimate.

We are located in Westport, Wilton, New Canaan, Norwalk, Greenwich and Stamford, in the Fairfield County Area.  Contact us at  (203)918-9860, send us an email to info@gappainting.com or fill the form on our website. We will be happy to serve you!