Junk Removal companies in Norwalk, CT

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Home maintenance companies in Stamford, CT
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Junk Removal companies in Norwalk, CT

Junk Removal companies in Norwalk

With the recent installation of a huge solid waste treatment plant in Connecticut, USA, state and municipal authorities have managed to significantly reduce one of the great social dilemmas: garbage.

With the treatment plant and the traditional recycling initiatives, citizens are also largely exempt from one of the most inescapable and immediate obligations since garbage is a hindrance and can cause health problems.

But there will always be some types of waste whose disposal demands an extra special treatment whether it’s because of its size or because the components can be fragile and toxic. That is the case for electronic devices whose dismantling and recycling requires some specialized knowledge.

At Gap Painting & Home Services LLC , we have the means of transportation, the cargo equipment, and the specialized personnel to help you remove the trash in Norwalk, CT, such as:

  • Old furniture: They are usually big, heavy and difficult to handle. Leaving them piled up in front of the house or commercial building waiting for the garbage truck does not seem like a good idea. We take the furniture out, load it in our truck and take it to the right place.
  • Outdated TVs: Like other electronic devices, televisions contain substances that are harmful to people’s health and the environment. If you cannot donate them to a charity, you must take it to specialists.
  • Refrigerators: They are among the most difficult appliances to handle because of their size and weight. We have the equipment to move them easily without causing damage to the walls or Reusable components are recycled and the harmful chemicals are properly removed.
  • Construction waste: Did you make reparation works on your building and have a lot of scrap wood left over? We get rid of it. In the same way, we get rid of the leaves and other residues piled up in your yard or garden.

At GAP Painting & Home Services LLC, we have the knowledge, experience and professionalism required to take the trash out of your home or company.

Among other services, we also do some exterior and interior carpentry reparations, painting and complete restorations, we also have maintenance service for kitchens furniture, and others.

We are located in Westport, Wilton, New Canaan, Norwalk, Greenwich, Stamford, and all around the Fairfield County areas. Contact us at (203) 918-9860, send us an email to info@gappainting.com or fill the form on our website. We will be happy to serve you!