5 June, 2018
Professional Interior Painters

Professional Interior Painters, CT

Painting the interior of a building is a rewarding task and it can be something easy to do if you have enough time, knowledge about the products that will be used, a clear concept of decoration, you'll be using skill to avoid mistakes and patience to correct them.
30 April, 2018
Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets restoration: A new kitchen look

It is difficult to imagine someone working in the kitchen while the guests wait in the living room or the dining room for the breakfast or lunch to be served.
26 April, 2018

Interior painting: Home renovations that bring more durability

Although interior spaces can be restyled at any time of the year. In places where the four weather seasons are clearly distinguished, there are many more reasons to make inside […]
7 February, 2018
restoration of Old and Historic houses

Interior restoration of Old and Historic houses

The restoration of an old or historic house is one of the most rewarding tasks that can be done by a company dedicated to a home improvement services because it […]
5 February, 2018
painting services for Victorian house

Interior painting services for Victorian house, CT

A Victorian house is always associated with a concept of beautiful building, striking and elegantly decorated, which moves to preserve the original features. Influenced by the English architecture of the […]
1 February, 2018
Interior painting contractors

Interior painting contractors: what to ask before starting

16 November, 2017
Painting services in Wilton

Painting services in Wilton, CT

13 November, 2017
Offices painting services

Offices painting services in Westport, CT

10 November, 2017
Kids bedroom interior painting

Kids bedroom interior painting services in Fairfield, CT

Children’s rooms are much more than sleeping areas, if the room is restyled to their tastes and needs. The rooms become places where children can spend a great amount of […]
14 September, 2017
Junk Removal companies in Norwalk

Junk Removal companies in Norwalk, CT

With the recent installation of a huge solid waste treatment plant in Connecticut, USA, state and municipal authorities have managed to significantly reduce one of the great social dilemmas: garbage.